Welcome to Corpus Christi Co-operative Education

At Corpus Christi, the Co-op program is an opportunity for students to integrate academic study with practical experience in various career fields.

Our Co-op program gives students the opportunity to “preview a career”. Students will have an opportunity to discover the variety of options available to them in the world of work, enhance their post-secondary application, develop employability skills, leadership skills and entrepreneurial attitude and explore personal interests, abilities and values.

What is Co-operative Education?

Cooperative Education is a planned learning experience, for which credits are earned, that integrates classroom theory and learning experiences at a workplace to enable students to apply and refine the knowledge and skills acquired in a related course. Students are generally out in a workplace for a half day (morning or afternoon) for a whole semester (The first semester is from September to January and the second semester is from February to June). The tasks that are performed at the work site relate to a course that is either being taken presently or in a previous semester. Students will participate in a pre-placement orientation where they will discuss resume writing, interview skills, health and safety before they are able to go to a work site. Students will meet on a monthly basis with the co-op teacher in a group session to reflect on what they are learning at the work site.

Why Take Co-operative Education?

  • To learn how to write a resume, prepare for an interview, etc.
  • To receive on-the-job training in a related subject area
  • To expand on the skills studied at school in a practical way and use equipment that might not be available in a secondary school
  • To develop the attitude and skills necessary to work successfully
  • To identify capabilities, limitations, strengths and future career direction
  • To become more aware of the demands and responsibilities of employment
  • To participate in an alternative method of earning credits
  • To earn hours toward an apprenticeship

Who Can Apply and How?

Students can take co-op in Grade 11 or 12 and may take it more than once!

  • Select Co-op on the Option Sheet.  The course code is NGC 30 for Grade 11 and NGC 40 for Grade 12
  • Complete an application form, available from the Co-op Office or Guidance Office, and return it to one of the Co-op teachers
  • Wait to be contacted for an interview with a Co-op teacher. A co-op teacher will interview the student to discuss the program and determine a suitable placement that meets the student’s academic and career goals.

Co-operative Education Participant Responsibilities


  • Comply with all company rules as to dress, safety codes, work schedule and policies
  • Work in a courteous, responsible and business-like manner and show appropriate initiative
  • Inform the co-operative education teacher and the placement supervisor in advance if they are unable to report to their placements


  • Identify and secure placements in which students will be able to achieve the course expectations, experience growth and develop career goals
  • Assess placements for suitability
  • Organize and conduct pre-placement orientation sessions to prepare students
  • Prepare a Personalized Learning Plan for each student with the assistance of the student, the supervisor and the teacher of the related course
  • Make regular on-site learning assessments of students at their placements
  • Assess and evaluate student performance
  • Provide health & safety instruction


  • Provide a safe working and learning environment
  • Provide students with written or oral feedback after an employment interview as port of the learning experience
  • Provide orientation and workplace health and safety training
  • Provide challenging learning experiences that will encourage personal growth and develop career goals
  • Help students function as an integral part of a team


 Photo Gallery


Connor Mallon: Burlington Mall Security


Justin Cabrera: Bay Area Athletic Club


Marco Baccellieri: Lexus of Oakville


Brandon Law Wing: Turtle Jack’s


Madi Mandrak: Orchard Animal Hospital


Ryan Creary: Active Green & Ross


Emma Horton: Brechin & Huffman


Dorothy Nenguwo: Progressive Sports Medicine


Christina Nunes: McMaster Hospital, Pre-op Clinic


Contact Information

The Co-operative Education teachers are:

Mrs. Sandy Osborne
(905) 331-5591 ext. 4501


Mrs. Melissa Moore-Broglio
(905) 331-5591 ext. 4089