Welcome to the Longhorn’s English Department!

The English department at Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School offers courses that focus on the development and expansion of literacy, communication, and critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in academic and daily life. Students will practice the skills of listening, speaking, reading, viewing and writing, as they explore a variety of literature.

English Teaching Staff:

Ms. J. Dafonte
Ms. N. Giorgio
Mr. D. Giudice
Ms. L. Hayes
Mr. J. Hibbert
Ms. K. Rehel
Ms. T. Sarjas
Mr. J. Sobiera
Ms. M. Teixeira

Course Offerings:

Grade 9ENG1L – Locally DevelopedENG1P - AppliedENG1D - Academic
Grade 10ENG2L – Locally DevelopedENG2P – AppliedENG2D – Academic
Grade 11ENG3L - Locally DevelopedENG3C- CollegeENG3U - University
NBE3U – University English: Contemporary Aboriginal Voices
Grade 12ENG4L - Locally DevelopedENG4C - CollegeENG4U - University
Grade 12 - ElectiveEWC4U – University The Writer’s Craft
Literacy PrepELS20 Literacy Skills: Reading and Writing, Grade 10 Open
ESL – English as a Second Language1A – Grade 9
2A – Grade 10
3A- Grade 11
4A – Grade 12