Important Update: If CUPE Strike Proceeds, All HCDSB Schools will be CLOSED to Students

In the event of a full withdrawal of services by CUPE, schools will be closed to students on Monday, October 7th, and for the duration of the strike.​ ​ We regret that this decision will pose some challenges for parents and guardians who may have to find childcare arrangements, however closing schools is the only way to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff. Our CUPE staff provide a number of essential services in our schools. Without their support, we cannot maintain a safe learning environment for our students. If the CUPE strike proceeds and we have to close our schools to students, we will notify you in the following ways:
  • ​An email will be sent to all HCDSB parents
  • A notice will be posted on our HCDSB website –
  • A notice will be shared through Twitter @HCDSB​
Read more in Update #4 – CUPE Job Action.

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