Welcome to the Corpus Christi Moderns Department!

The Moderns Department at Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School offers a variety of courses for students to explore and develop their knowledge of the languages of both French and Italian. Through the study of a second language students are able to feel more confident about themselves, and are better able to enrich their critical and creative thinking skills. While gaining the skills to help them succeed in academics and daily life, the knowledge of a second language will provide students the opportunity to appreciate and respect various cultures.

Moderns Teaching Staff:

Mme. Klysen
Mme. Toth

Course Offerings:

Grade 9FSF 1D - Core French AcademicFSF 1P Core French Applied
Grade 10FSF 2D - AcademicFSF2P - Applied
Grade 11FSF3U - Academic
Grade 12FSF4U- Academic
LWI (Introduction to Italian)Open to grade 10-12