Thanksgiving Classic Hockey Champions

The Corpus Christi Boys Hockey team came away from a successful weekend, having competed in the Thanksgiving Classic in Chicago November 28- December 1. We travelled a long distance to face competition from three different states including Georgia, Illinois, and Missouri. After an undefeated round robin record, we faced the Atlanta Phoenix in the finals. We generated a 4-1 lead with goals from Curtis Smith, Josh Bright and Trent Bayer and looked to be in full control of the outcome … Continue reading

Black History Month – Art

Clara’s journey starts in Egypt, her home land. She was raised in the United Arab Emirates for all her 16 years in life until this year. Now, she is currently a Corpus Christi Student. Being a Coptic Christian Orthodox and an Arab defines who she is. Clara likes to explore different mediums and styles – from painting on paper, to clay and even wire work. Generally, she plays with her colours and painting techniques, learning from a variety of different … Continue reading

Welcome to Semester 2!

Students are reminded to check the alpha listing in the Atrium upon arrival at school on Monday February 3. This list will indicate the classroom number of your Period 1 class. Students  will receive a copy of their Semester2 timetable in Period 1. Follow the timetable you receive Monday morning. All earlier versions are obsolete. There will be NO further changes to timetables. … Continue reading