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Halton Region Parenting Resources:

Halton Parents website
Halton parents Blog
Halton Parents Facebook
Halton Parents Twitter
Parenting your Teens
Triple P Parenting Support Program

Parenting Links:

Online parenting directory Halton i-parent
Our Kids Network: A new kind of parenting
Halton Crimestoppers
Parachute Injury prevention
HaltonParents: Connect With Us!

Common Health Concerns:

Immunization for Teens
Oral Health for Teens

Concussion Information:

Concussion Information Postcard

Cyberbullying, Internet and Cell Phone Safety:

Halton Parents blog: Social media “friends”: Are they really?
Facebook 101 Privacy Tips
Internet Safety Quiz for Parents
Online Video and Photo Sharing: Did you Know?
Parenting Tween and Teens in the Digital World
Texting acronyms
The Door That’s Not Locked
KidsHealth Website – Cyberbullying
KidsHealth Website – Teen Online Safety
KidsHealth Website – Protecting Your Online Identity and Reputation

Developmental Assets:

List of the 40 developmental assets
Search Institute
Parent Further

Developmental Assets Videos:

Introduction to developmental assets
Ways to build developmental assets in children/youth
Helping your Kids Succeed in School
How to build developmental assets in your community

Duty to Report:

Duty to Report letter for parents (from HCDSB)

Healthy Relationships:

Healthy Relationships information
Halton Parents blog: So Your Teen Wants to Start Dating. What Every Parent Should Do
CODE: Parent tool kit

Mental Health:

Mental Health information and resources
Coping Toolkit for Anxious Child
Mental Health Services
Parenting- Helping Your Anxious Child or Teen
Reach out Centre for kids (ROCK)   

Party safety tips:

Halton Region Party Tips for Parents
Halton Parents blog: So your teen wants to go to a party

Teen Brain:

Teen Brain Information tips
Inside the Teenage Brain
Teen Brain Video
OKN Dr. Jean Clinton: Teen Brain Under Construction
CPIC teenage brain webinar part 1 Garfield Gini-Newman
CPIC teenage brain webinar part 2

Substance Use:

Halton Parents blog: what’s in your medicine cabinet?
Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco Information
Marijuana Myths
Teenage Wasteland
Parent Action on Drugs

Success at school:

Information on Pathways
Parent Math Corner
Halton Parents blog: Exam stress

Transition to High School

Introducing: Grade 9 Ready, Set, Whoa! Supporting Your Teen to Thrive, Not Just Survive, the Transition to High School

Ready, Set, Whoa!









High School Life
Grade 9-101 Parent Workshop Presentation

Helpful resources in Halton:

Where to Get Help in Halton

Workshops/Past Parent Presentations:

CPIC teenage brain webinar part 1 Garfield Gini-Newman
CPIC teenage brain webinar part 2

For more information or to speak with a public health nurse, dial 311 or 905-825-6000 and ask for HaltonParents Health Information Line or e-mail